Heart to Heart - March 2020

Bishop Crosby's weekly letter to clergy and parishioners in the Diocese.


DR. TOM STEWART, ST. JOSEPH HEALTH SYSTEM PRESIDENT AND CEO has been seconded to the Ontario Ministry of Health as the Clinical Lead on the Provincial COVID-19 Command Table. The Table supports the planning and response to the pandemic that is sweeping the country. It is consoling to know that he enjoys such professional respect at the Provincial level – and that the Province is in good hands indeed! Brian Guest, SJHS Senior Vice-President, will provide support to Dr. Stewart at SJHS on non-COVID-19 matters!

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COVID-19 UPDATED DIRECTIVES have been sent to all Parishes and posted on our Diocesan Website today.  These guidelines are effective immediately.

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THE WORLD DAY OF PRAYER (formerly The Women’s World Day of Prayer) is a global ecumenical movement which brings Christians of many traditions together to pray for relevant issues affecting women and children. The movement has been active for nearly 100 years. Each year, a different participating country writes the service. This year’s country is Zimbabwe. The World Day of Prayer is traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of March. The motto of the World Day of Prayer movement is Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action. Both prayer and action are inseparable and both have immeasurable influence on the world!

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