Heart to Heart - June 2018

Bishop Crosby's weekly letter to clergy and parishioners in the Diocese.


THE ANNUAL BISHOP’S BARBEQUE AT ST. JEROME UNIVERSITY, Waterloo, takes place at noon on June 25th. Priests from across the Diocese are welcome to attend. It provides an opportunity to see all the developments at the University over the past five years, to meet University personnel, and the Resurrectionists who are great supporters of the University. The food IS barbequed – and it marks the beginning of the summer season. 

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ROB MCGOWAN COMPLETED SEVEN YEARS of service on the Diocesan Finance Council on May 30, 2018. It has been a remarkable and generous contribution of time and talent. Earlier this year, Pope Francis appointed him a Knight of St. Gregory the Great for his service to the Diocese and his philanthropic generosity to many important projects that benefit the needy! The honour was conferred by Cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix on March 4th. Thank you for sharing your many gifts, Rob! 

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BISHOP JOSEPH AFRIFAH-AGYEKUM, second Bishop of Koforidua in Ghana, travelled to Walkerton earlier this week to visit Father Andrew Quarshie, a Priest of his Diocese, (and his former secretary). They visited the Chancery and Cathedral Basilica this week. As well, Bishop Anselm Umoren, Auxiliary Bishop of Abujah, Nigeria, spent a few days at Ardree. Before he was named a Bishop, he served at parishes in St. Anthony and Stephenville, in the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador. We warmly welcome both visitors!

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THE HOMELESS JESUS STATUE in front of St. Patrick Church in Hamilton saved pedestrians from being hit by a run-a-way dump truck. The truck’s brakes had failed. The statue was hit hard by the truck and broke into several pieces. Parishioners carefully gathered the pieces. The statue was repaired later in the week and placed back on the corner of King Street East and Victoria Avenue – all costs assumed by the trucking company. The story was covered by local media and on social media. 

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