Cursillo Weekends

Cursillo (ker-see-yo), designated by the Vatican as a renewal movement of the Church, has been for many people, a powerful instrument in effecting a new and deeper awareness of what Christianity means in their lives. The three-day weekend is not a retreat in the way one thinks of a retreat. Rather, it provides an experience of a dynamic Christian community where the teachings of Christ are presented and discussed in a spirit of joy and celebration. The next Cursillo weekends in the Hamilton Diocese are:

Women’s Weekend

Oct 12-15, 2017 at St. Ignatius Deemerton Retreat Centre  79th weekend

Men’s Weekend

Oct 26-29, 2017at St. Ignatius Deemerton Retreat Centre 80th weekend

Registration due date is Sept 30, 2017

Attention Cursillistas: Do you recall your own Cursillo experience? This is a reminder to share the gift of your experience by sponsoring a friend. It is a gesture of love. There are still spaces on the upcoming weekends.

For more information, please contact Secretariat members–

 Ann Staines at: 519-669-9606

Dan Brown at: 519-570-4105