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The Bishop Farrell Library & Archives maintains over 9,000 circulating materials and more than 190 archival record groups.  Featured items from these collections are highlighted here, connecting you to new library resources or spotlighting items relevant to current or historical events.

Bishop Farrell Library Now Offers eBooks!


The Bishop Farrell Library has recently expanded our collection to include eBooks. These resources include titles on Family & Relationships, Scripture & Bible Study, Social Justice, Prayer, Sacraments, and Saints. 

The eBooks can be accessed from the Diocese of Hamilton website in two ways:

  1. Through a “Search eBooks” link on the library sidebar that will take you to our eBook website - http://hamiltondiocesebfl.lib.overdrive.com . If you are only looking for eBooks, this is the easiest way to access them.  It will not give you a listing of our resources in other formats.
  2. Through our library catalogue.  From here you can search by title, subject, author, or keyword.  This will provide a list of all of our resources (books, eBooks, DVDs, audio CDs).  If the item is an eBook, you will see a “link to the eBook” in the record.  Clicking on this link will take you directly to the eBook record.

The Bishop Farrell Library is open to the public. Anyone with a patron account through the Bishop Farrell Library can make use of our resources.  For more information about eBooks or to sign up for a Library account, contact Library staff at 905-528-7988 ext. 2270 or by email at library@hamiltondiocese.com.

Digitization of Architectural Drawings

 Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, 1931                              North and South Elevations, Basilica of Christ the King, 1931

Ensuring for the long-term preservation of the documents in our care is one of the behind-the-scenes roles of work in the Bishop Farrell Archives. This includes maintaining and providing access to our collection of architectural drawings.  With over 124 parishes in the Diocese of Hamilton, each with its own church and rectory, we have a substantial amount of building plans and drawings to manage!  Given that these buildings are still in use and in need of occasional renovations, our collection of architectural drawings are highly requested items by the architects and engineers tasked with restoring these buildings. 

In order to balance the preservation of the documents with the need for their access, we embarked on a major digitization project.  Relying on the expertise of Image Advantage Solutions Inc., we created digital copies of 321 sets of blueprints, amounting to 3805 total drawings.  Some of these pages were extremely fragile and difficult to scan.  One drawing was so large it took an hour and half to scan!  We are very grateful to the professionals at Image Advantage who operated the large-format scanners ensuring for the safety of the drawings and the creation of high quality digital images.  Moving forward, we will utilize the digital reproductions for access purposes, allowing us to better protect the originals.  It also makes it possible for us to easily share these documents – which are often beautiful in their own right, like the examples shown here of the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King. 

                            East Elevation, Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, 1931

Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, 1931West Elevation, Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, 1931



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