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We would like to direct you to the best program for your child and the easiest form of registration possible. By answering these few questions, we will be better able to serve you. If you have questions at any time, try our FAQ or contact the office.

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To register for any of the Diocese of Hamilton's Catechetical Correspondence Courses, please download, print and complete this registration form, then send it with your payment to the Chancery Office (address is on the form).

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$15.00 We have the textbook, and need lesson pages only.
$50.00 We need 1 program only. Includes 1 text book, and 1 set of lessons
$65.00 We will share a program between our 2 children.
Includes 1 text book and 2 sets of lessons pages.
$100.00 Our children are using 2 different programs.
$110.00 We have registered more than 2 children.

Please contact our office so we can better assist you.

Christina Mines


Christina Mines

Why is my parish not on this list? Most likely, it is because your parish belongs to another diocese. Our programs are intended for residents of the Diocese of Hamilton under the care and leadership of Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI. Each diocese, under the care and leadership of its own bishop, is responsible for its own catechesis or religious instruction. Different dioceses have different programs and systems for the religious instruction and sacramental preparation of young people.

It’s important for you to contact your own parish at this point to find out more about what is offered there.